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Dr. Daphna Cohen Ben Shaul (Licht) has been a professional classic singer and is a voice and speech expert for the professional voice user as well as a speech therapist. She has been guiding singers and actors for over 30 years and has worked for over 20 years as a speech therapist.


Her singing training includes a B.A Mus. degree followed by intensive studies with leading voice teachers in Tel Aviv, Vienna and Milan. As a professional singer, Daphna has performed with leading orchestras in Israel, was recorded and broadcasted in Israel's leading radio and television stations, gave recitals and released two CD’s: Origins (1991) and Emotional Turbulence (2004).


As a voice and speech expert for the professional voice user, Daphna founded and led the musical workshop at the “Beit Zvi” School for the Performing Arts for several years and is currently teaching the Art of Speech at the Theater Department in Tel Aviv University.

As a Speech Therapist, Daphna has worked with the public health insurances as well as in the Wolfson Medical Center and in a private clinic which she leads to the present day, treating patients, children and adults,  on the wide spectrum of voice, speech and language disabilities.


In addition to her B.A. Mus. received from the Hebrew university and the Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem, Dr. Daphna Cohen Ben Shaul received a B.A. in Communicational Disorders from Tel Aviv University, an M.A. in Special Education for the Hearing Impaired from Tel Aviv university, and a PhD in Linguistics from Ben Gurion University in the Negev. Daphna also graduated the program of Psychodynamic Approaches in Adults’ Treatments at the School of Psychotherapy in Tel Aviv University.


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BA.mus in Singing and Education, Rubin Music Academy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

BA in Communication Disorders, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

MA in Hearing-Impaired Special Education, School of Education, Tel Aviv University.

Advisor: Prof. Tova Most.

Title of thesis: Contribution of Sound Envelope to Intonation Perception by Normal and Hearing Impaired Subjects.

School of Psychotherapy, Tel Aviv University "Psychodynamic Approaches to the Treatment of Adults"

PhD. Studies in Linguistics and Foreign Languages Department.

Advisor:  Prof. Yishai Tobin.

Title of Thesis: Syllabic Orthography and the Speaking Culture of Literate, Professional Israeli Hebrew (IH) – Speaking Adults.

 Employment History  

Actor's Voice and Text Instruction, Acting Program, Theater Department,  Tel Aviv University​

Vocal Coach and Music Tutor, Beit Zvi Theater Arts School

Selected Projects: "I Could Have Danced Tonight", "Danny Kay Night", "Gershwin Night", "If We learn to Love" (French Chansons)​

Music Teacher and Voice Coach in Kibbutz Yftach​

Vocal Coach for professional singers: Classical,  Musicals and Popular Music styles

Speech Therapy





Speech Therapist, Voice and Speech Center, Edith Wolfson Medical Center​

Speech Therapist, Maccabi Health-Care and Private Practice​

Speech Therapist, Kupat-Holim Clinic, Rishon Letziyon

Private Clinic









“Kolby” A children's book by Daphna Cohen Licht and Ada Spector,   “Yedioth Acharonot” Publisher

Turbulence- creation and Production of “Turbulence” the Movie, as part of  research held in the Film and televesion depatment, Tel Aviv University.

"Emotional Turbulence" (post-romantic songs). Vocals: Daphna Cohen Licht, Piano: Tamir Chasson, CD, Meridian

"Origins" (Italian bel canto and Jewish traditional songs). Vocals: Daphna Cohen Licht, Piano: Menachem Wiesenberg, CD, Olympia

(selected performances)

Concerts with the Israel Chamber Orchestra, Haifa Symphony  Orchestra, Ra'anana Symphonet, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, solo  recitals

Concerts with The Jerusalem Symphony, The Kibutz Chamber Orchestra, in the Israely Phestival in live broadcasts, chamber concerts and solo recitals.

Recorded 3 recitals for "an Hour with an Artist", Israeli radio channel Kol Hamusika

Solo performance "the Lied and Voice Culture", Omanut La'am, Israel

Duo recital "Two Voices", Omanut La'am






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